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Beat Pad Buying Guide

When you have an idea suddenly you do not want to grow through the hassle of kick, snare, and transition. With the beat pad, you can quickly record your ideas. Modern musicians are doing this, and if you are interested, you can buy one too. But with the overwhelming amount of options makes everyone confused. So we will introduce you to a beat pad and how to get the best beat pad.

What is a beat pad?

The beat pad is a device that records music without connecting to all your devices. You do not have to find snare, kick or transition to record your ideas. We also know it is a beat maker and launch pads. If making music is your passion, then it will be your best friend throughout your journey.

Why should you use a beat pad/ MIDI controller?

The modern musician who use electronic devices to create their music highly appreciate beat pads. Your performance will go beyond just playing keyboard and tweaking knobs. With the beat pad, you can also record your music whenever you want without having to set different devices. It also triggers musical sounds for better performance.

Is the beat pad/ MIDI controller for all musicians?

It’s not essential if you are a beginner and do not want it. But if you are stuck with only a computer and DAW as a device for creating music, then get this. There are affordable options available for beginners.

best beat pad
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Types of MIDI controller keyboard

There are plenty of options available in the industry as a MIDI controller. You will need this keyboard all the time for performance or home. So you have to be comfortable with the device you are buying.

Hammer Action Keyboards

This keyboard is kind of like an acoustic piano. It has 76 to 88 keys in it. If you have mastered piano already you will play this hammer action keyboard better. Drums will be a little hard on this.

Semi-weighted Action

This one is just like normal keyboards with weighted keys. It’s common to musicians so much that they feel like home while playing it. Expression and control both come great with this keyboard.

Synth Action Touch

This one is a lighter version than the semi-weighted one. Those musicians who love to play synth and drum patches will love this. If you had regretted that you cannot play the piano so the keyboard is not for you, then this is your chance.

Buying factors of beat pad/ Midi Pad

Pressure-sensitive pads

Most of the pads are velocity-sensitive in the market. While it is great and all but you need a pressure-sensitive pad too. If you want to make your experience better look for velocity and pressure-sensitive pad at the same time. It gives more expressiveness from a keyboard with aftertouch. If you can get a controller with back-lit pads to grab it, it will give you more expressive performance.

Controlling power

When you buy the beat pad, it should feel like an extension of your DAW. That is because you bought it to speed up your workflow. Every time you have an idea you do not want to reach for the controller and computer screen. MIDI controllers come with transport, tempo and navigation functions. For better controlling effects, some MIDI controllers have knobs and faders. Before buying the controller, make sure it has everything that makes it convenient for better control.

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Power supply

You may not think about power supply while buying a MIDI controller. But trust me, it is crucial to know. Most controllers in the market use USB bus power. It may not prove to be a great choice when you have to drain out the power of the device. Some controllers can a standalone unit and have an external adapter. These beat pads are better to choose.

Compatibility of device

Some controllers come with built-in editor application that helps to customize MIDI mappings. Most MIDI controllers work with most DAW’s. But particular controllers have the specific taste of DAW they like to integrate with. Before you buy a controller, check specifications thoroughly to check its compatibility with your device. Or it will end up being useless for you.


The size depends on your choice entirely. If you want something portable, choose a smaller one with fewer pads. If you want it to be portable to connect with a laptop or computer, 8 (2 x 4) or 16 (4 x 4) size will be enough. For more functions and pads, 64 (8 x 8) controllers are a great choice. With size, make sure that the controller is lightweight. When you go to the performances, you will carry it around with you. It all depends on your convenience of where and how you want to use it.

CV output

CV stands for control voltage. Analog synths use control voltage as the controlled signal. When you buy your MIDI pad controlled, make sure it has CV output to work with the hardware you are using.

Final thoughts

A musician wants a beat pad that is highly customizable and integrates with all music software. Its soft pads should be highly responsive. When you get all these things on a beat pad, do not lose the chance of getting it. The article solely concentrated to tell you all about the beat pad. I hope you find a good one and your music creating journey is groundbreaking.

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