The best acoustic bass guitar is an ideal instrument for your fingering exercise.


Acoustic bass guitars are mostly used by beginners, as they are a bit easy to play. But some professional bass guitarists also love to use acoustic basses.

One thing that you will love about best acoustic bass guitars is the clarity of tone that they offer. They are great for musicians doing rock, bluegrass and country music.

These guitars are designed in different sizes and designs, and some manufacturers even try to make them larger to be louder though it can be awkward to play using bigger bodies. If the guitar has the right amplification, they can produce the best tones and compliment other acoustic instruments.

Before writing this article, we have thoroughly reviewed around 20 top acoustic basses that are available on the market.

Whether you are so much into practicing or merely new to playing acoustic bass guitars, any of these brands that I have discussed on this page will benefit you in one way or another. They will help you boost your music more passionately.

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar Reviews

Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

If you have a passion for playing guitar, do not underestimate your capability. You are neither too old nor too young to play guitar. Neither are your hands too small or too big. You just need to equip yourself with the right instruments, and you will master the basic guitar playing techniques with time.

The Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar is a perfect four string starter guitar that suits beginner bass players. The guitar feels very comfortable, and it is loud enough for the jam session. You can play the guitar with or without an amp.

If you want to rock your listeners on stage, this baby will never let you down. It is designed with onboard electronics that allows you to take it right on stage. The guitar also works well for home recording giving you a perfect sound you would always love to hear in a best acoustic bass guitar.Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


  • Dean tuners- no more staying out of tune when you are playing. The guitar has die-cast tuners that keep it in tune either plugged in or rocking out.
  • Legendary Dean construction- it has mahogany with a spruce top that works well in amplifying your nuance and provides an excellent sound.
  • Quality sound- if you consider the sound of this bass, you will find it is incredible for the price range. Almost similar to more expensive ABG.
  • Comfort- The guitar is designed with a 34-inch mahogany neck that feels very comfortable when you are holding.


  • Poor packaging- Most customers complaint of poor packaging where the guitar is exposed to high temperatures and humidity. Some also complain receiving it with scratches.

Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

Purchasing the right guitar is always a challenge for most players especially those who are new to playing. With the many brands out there, it can be troublesome to pick what suits you best.

One of the best leading brands that you can count on for quality acoustic guitars is Ibanez. The Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar is just one of their best guitars that will keep you wanting to play all the time.

If you are looking for a nice guitar for jamming, rock concerts, practicing, recording or small venues, this instrument will meet and surpass your requirements.

This acoustic-electric bass guitar provides you with a punchy low end whether you play it amplified or not. It also gives you a nice and warm sound when unplugged, thanks to its Agathis body.

Every musician will appreciate the quality of output provided by the guitar. It has a low-end resonance that makes the songs come alive when you are playing.Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar


  • Quality tuners- The guitar is designed with chrome die-cast tuners that keep it tune.
  • Construction- It is designed with a nice Agathis back and sides for a warm tone output and long-lasting performance.
  • Onboard tuner-Helps you achieve quick tuning and easy amplification giving you a natural acoustic sound.
  • Affordable price- The guitar has an excellent bass for the price.


  • No case- You need to purchase the case separately

Sky Enterprise Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar 

If you are new to playing, don’t look for a complicated guitar because it can be difficult to operate. If you are a beginner, the Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar will be a great pick especially if you are playing country music, jazz and rock among other music genres.

The first thing that will impress you with this guitar is the great look. It features a natural high gloss finish that makes it very attractive. The guitar also comes in a variety of colors so you can pick the right one that you need.

For the best sound quality and durability, this guitar is designed with mahogany on the sides and the back. The fingerboard is designed from rosewood which all contributes to quality sound output.

Holding the guitar feels very comfortable when you are playing. It features a super slim neck that allows you to get a perfect grip to keep you comfortable. The guitar also has one bass 4-band equalizer that brings about a balance between the tone.Sky Enterprise USA Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar


  • Quality construction- Expect excellent service and durability from this best acoustic bass guitar. It is made with mahogany on the back and the sides to provide quality resonance and projection as well as durability.
  • Good-looking- The guitar has a superb high gloss finish that makes it very beautiful.
  • Beginner Guitar- The guitar comes at a very affordable price which suits entry level players. The guitar is fantastic for campfires and outdoor acoustic jams.
  • 4-band equalizer- This is a unique acoustic guitar with 4-band equalizer for its price range.
  • Attractive cutaway design- It helps you access the upper notes efficiently.


  • Doesn’t come with all accessories- The cord and the pick are not included in the purchase, so you need to purchase them separately.

Best Choice Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar 

I love acoustic bass guitars over the electric models because the guitar can be picked and played without the need for extra equipment.  In my history as a player, I have tried a wide range of best acoustic bass guitar, and one outstanding model that I still love up to date is the Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar Natural Solid Wood Construction.

This is the best ABG that I have used that produces quiet and soft sound to my liking. The guitar is perfect for individuals regardless of your playing skills. Whether you are a novice or an expert guitar player, you can get the best from this guitar. You will enjoy playing your favorite tunes whether you do rock, jazz, funk or gospel; the guitar will provide the sound that you need.

The 22-fret acoustic guitar has an attractive cutaway design that gives you an easy time when accessing the upper notes. It also has a beautiful natural gloss finish that makes it look great when you are playing.

You can use the guitar as an acoustic or electric; however, it doesn’t come with an amp. It is designed with a built-in tone control panel that helps you make the right adjustment for volume of the bass, mid, treble and presence. It is also very easy to adjust the tension of the string or the up-bow of the neck with the help of the adjustable truss rod.

For durability and quality tone output, the guitar is designed with a mahogany rosewood fingerboard that also adds to its attractive design.Best Choice Products Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar


  • Easy adjustments- Adjusting the tension of the strings or the bow of the neck is easy with the adjustable truss rod.
  • Built-in control panel- It is very easy to control the bass volume, treble, mid and the presence of the guitar.
  • Quality construction- the guitar features a mahogany wood frame and a rosewood fingerboard that makes it durable and enhance its style.
  • Super-slim comfortable neck- makes it very easy for you to enjoy playing the guitar.


  • Pick and cord are not included- you need to spend extra cash to purchase the pick and the cord separately.

Gold Tone GT-Series M-Bass/FL 4-String Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

Playing guitar is fun. I’m not a professional guitarist, but I can tell you about the importance of a quality guitar. The type of guitar that you choose highly determines the sound quality it will produce. So, if you settle for a cheap low-quality guitar, you know what to expect.

Over the years, I have experienced a great moment with the Gold Tone GT-Series. This top-rated acoustic bass guitar is loud enough so you can enjoy playing without necessary plugging it into an amplifier.

The guitar has an extended scale length that improves its intonation as compared to other similar models. This fretless acoustic electric guitar uses synthetic string and a piezo transducer pickup which allow you to get the best quality sound.

As compared to other guitars that I have used before, this instrument feels very comfortable to hold. It has a sloped ergo-glide top that makes it extremely easy to use.Gold Tone GT-Series M-Bass/FL 4-String Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar


  • Built-in transducer pickup- It has a master volume control and independent bass and treble tone control.
  • Built-in electronic tuner- This tuner has a mute function that helps in quick and accurate pitch adjustments.
  • Comfortable design- Its sloped ergo-glide top makes it very comfortable when you are playing the guitar.
  • Maple veneer strips- Make it easy to navigate the fingerboard.
  • Cutaway design- This design provides easy access to higher register positions.


  • The pickup has too much finger noise, but you can eliminate it with the right amp settings.

Luna LAB30TRIBAL Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

Finding a desirable acoustic guitar like the Luna LAB30TRIBAL that provides you with quality sound is not easy. The guitar is comfortable and very easy to play making it perfect for players of all skill levels.

From the look of the guitar, you will notice its quality folk body construction that assures you of a quality product. It is also designed with a select spruce top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard.

Being a short scale model, you will be impressed with its tone. I also find the guitar small as compared to my previous acoustic guitar, so you need a small amp for an acoustic jam session.Luna LAB30TRIBAL Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar


  • Fun to play- The guitar is ready to use pt of the box, and it produces a quality sound when you are practicing or playing.
  • Comfortable Neck- The neck of the guitar is made of mahogany, and it feels very comfortable to hold hence reducing fatigue when you are playing.
  • Quality guitar construction- It features a folk body, and the top is made of spruce. It also has a rosewood fretboard that all contribute to its quality sound output.


  • The strings are high- The strings of the guitar are too high, so you need to lower and level them before using.

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar: Things to consider before buying

If you want an incredible stage shaking performance, picking the right acoustic-electric guitar is vital. The tips below will assist you to choose the right acoustic bass guitar.

Body Of The Guitar

The body of the guitar is mostly designed for laminated or solid wood. Best acoustic bass guitars have a hole on the side that produces sound. The larger the body of the guitar, the more sound will be delivered. Different types of woods are used to design the body of the guitar. Each of the different kinds of woods produces a particular sound quality to meet the needs of different players. Here are the most common types of woods you will find.

  • Spruce
  • Maple
  • Ceder
  • Rosewood
  • Mahogany

Scale Length

It is also great if you consider the scale length of an acoustic guitar. The scale length refers to the length of the strings that are free to vibrate. The standard scale length of an acoustic bass guitar is 34 inches, which is called the long scale. Other scales include short (30 inches), medium (32 inches), extra long (35 inches).

Types Of Acoustic Bass Guitars

Before you begin buying, you should also know that there are different types of acoustic-electric guitars. The specialized types include:

Standard- This is the most common type of guitar with 4 strings.

Semi-acoustic- The string varies and only partly hollow. It has the shape of a violin.

Bajo sexton- The guitar has 12 strings which are pitched.

Guittaron- It has six strings. The guitar is large and fretless.

Piccolo- May have 4 strings or more, and it is similar to a standard bass guitar. It features thinner strings for a higher pitch.

Leon- The guitar has 4 strings, and it is plucked with a pick. It is mostly low-pitched and designed from a hollowed out piece of wood.


The next thing you need to check is the neck of the guitar. It should be very comfortable and playable for the best experience. Have a feel for how the neck gets along with your hands. You should be able to play well without going through fatigue.

Layout Of The Fretboard

Some guitars come with fretted neck featuring steel frets that divide the chromatic scale halfway making it easy to locate the right tone. Fretless bass does not have steel frets but instead feature a smooth wood like the violin, and they are perfect for producing smooth and warm sound. Depending on your level of practice and style of playing, it will be easy for you to choose the right fretboard to suit your needs.

Other Considerations

  • Intonation for the right notes
  • The number of frets
  • Bass string material
  • The cost of the guitar

Final Words

Acoustic bass guitars is perfect for producing a warm and vibrant tone which compliments country and rock music. I believe our guide and reviews have answered all your questions about the guitars and you can now choose the best acoustic bass guitar.

Do not settle for a guitar that will disappoint you. Go from what exactly you need regardless of the price. In the long run, you will enjoy great performance and save more money.

Consider any of the above-reviewed guitars as a top pick. They are all tested for the best performance, durability, reliability and most importantly quality tones among other things.

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