Most musicians are capableof playing more than one type of instrument. However, the problem is that they have only two hands and only one instrument can be played at a time. The use of a guitar looper can solve this problem. A guitar looper can record the music you have just produced. All you have to do is press the looper, and then it will play the recorded music in a loop. 

Buying the best guitar looper pedal will help you produce music of professional level and allow you the liberty of playing as many instruments as you want. People who wish to play their guitars on a loop must use a top quality guitar loop pedal. The guitar looper pedal will also allow them to record with more instruments while the guitar plays in a loop through the guitar looper.

Best Guitar Looper Pedal Reviews 2019

Boss RC-1 Station

Playing music requires complete and undivided attention. The best guitar looper designers keep that in mind. By keeping this in mind, Boss has created a guitar looper that is easy to use. The Boss RC-1 Station guitar loop pedal comes in a user-friendly design which is easy to understand and convenient for the user to use.Boss RC-1 Station

Boss RC-1 looper includes an indicator display. The display allows you to know the mode you are playing in. It makes the selection of mode easier and eliminates the chances of playing the device in the wrong mode.

The Boss RC-1 Station does not require a lot of energy to function. All it needs is a single alkaline battery. A 9-volt battery will allow you to use the device for up to 4 and a half hour.

Perhaps, one of the best features of this looper is that it has a memory. After you turn off the looper, the recording will still be there stored in the internal memory of the looper. In case you accidentally turn it off, or you wish to go back to your last recording, you can always do that. 

Singular Sound BeatBuddy

Singular Sound BeatBuddy looper is particularly very useful for drummers. While playing live, you don’t always get the right beat or the set isn’t right. The looper has your back. It includes ten drum sets and allows you to control the beat unlike any other. 

Besides the ten drum set, the looper also includes a few more things. It has two hundred songs in it and twenty-four different genres. You are in control of these. The feature helps you to use the box right away for producing amazing music and be creative with them.

Singular Sound BeatBuddy

An advanced feature of this best guitar looper pedal is the visual metronome. The display that shows you which beat is being played. It is fantastic for learning more about music. An easy guide will tell you what each display means which helps you use the device to its full potential.

More content can very easily be downloaded into the device. About three million songs and beats can be added to your collection. The online library allows you to build your collection of songs. 

You can also create your beats. You can produce music through the use of easy-to-use software. In doing so, you get to create your music. This can be shared with other users of BeatBuddy via the same online library. Singular Sound BeatBuddy indeed is a remarkable looper for musicians.

Zoom G1on Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G1 is the best looper pedal you will find in the market. It includes seventy-five different effects for you to choose from. You can experiment with your recorded music and see which beats and tones will sound best. You can compress, distort or delay them among various other modifications.

Zoom G1on Guitar Effects Pedal

The looper pedal includes an advanced feature. This feature allows you to use up to five effects at once. This helps you create extraordinary and unique music. Zoom G1 enables the performers to experiment more with their music and create tones on professional levels.

In addition to this, you will also have access to 68 different rhythm patterns. This again helps you bring more innovation into your recorded music. It includes a jack which can connect you to a personal music player. You can then enjoy the music you created and also note the changes you wish to make.

The output jacks of this device can help you connect the looper to amplifiers as well. You can also plug headphones. This is to help you share the music with people quickly and also to listen to your music with convenience. 

The Zoom G1 looper can function on alkaline batteries. A 4 AA battery will be able to fun the device with perfection. You can also connect an AC adapter to the device if you wish to use the alkaline batteries. The batteries will provide a backup time of up to 20 hours.

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

Ditto Looper Effects Pedal looper from TC allows you a five minute loop time. This is sufficient for most songs and can easily be used by beginners as well as advanced players. The device also allows you to have unlimited overdubs. You can alter your music, and if the tone doesn’t sound right, you can easily undo them. If you wish to bring it back, redo it. This can be done unlimited times for your ease.

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

The thing that makes this looperan ideal product for guitarists is that it has been designed by guitarists as well. Since the product has been developed and created by people who will use it themselves, it has been made to meet the needs of all guitarists. Due to this, it will be safe to say that it is the best guitar looper pedal.

It includes a true bypass. This has been included to provide utmost precision to the sound that had been recorded. The sound is clear with no loss of any high tones. This device keeps the recorded music precisely as it had been played and reproduces it in its original state.

It has an internal memory. This memory will allow you to store the loops you have created. Even after you have powered the device off, you can turn it back on and go back to the loops you created earlier.

Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

This looper might be small in size, but it has plenty to offer. It has certain advanced features which make it user-friendly. The LED lights included in this looper indicate the mode you are playing the recorded sounds in. It keeps the confusion away.

The product has three different modes for you to try. You can experiment with your guitar tunes in three ways. These include playing the tune as it is, at half the rate as the original record or in reverse. Creating these in a loop, the looper gives you new insights into your music. 

Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes

The loop time on this looper is ten minutes. It is plenty of time for one proper record. On average, most songs and tunes last five minutes. This looper gives you twice that time to help create your tunes with plenty of looping time.

If you happen to have any tunes on your personal computer and wish to import that onto a looper, this is the device for you. It also allows you to transfer your loops and tunes to your PC. You can easily download any tunes and loops you wish to have on your computer and then import it to the looper to experiment with.

Perhaps, the best thing about this looper is that it is very economical. The device is the single best cheap looper pedal you will find in the market. It costs you less than fifty dollars, and the number of features mentioned above really makes it the best guitar looper.

This looper can be of enormous use to guitarists on a budget or those who wish to try their tunes as loops but aren’t too sure about their success. It doesn’t take much money, but the device gives you a proper experience for using a looper at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Guitar Looper

Q: Do guitar loopers have internal storage?

A: Most loopers have internal storage. This storage space, however, varies from product to product and don’t often have tremendous storage capacities. 

Q: Do guitar loopers come with a warranty?

A: This depends on the company you are buying the looper from. Most companies do provide a warrantyfor a couple of years on their products.

Q: Can guitar loopers work for recording vocals?

A: They can be used for it, however, since the product is designed keeping guitars and other such musical instruments in mind, the vocal recording will not be very satisfactory.



The best guitar looper pedal can help you create your unique music. It also allows you to have a free hand which you can use for playing other instruments. It is the best for those who wish to record a song since most of them are recorded on loops.

To benefit from this device, it is essential that you buy only the best guitar looper pedal. They enable you to record the tunes as you have played them with utmost clarity. The looper should be easy to use and help you create your unique piece of music.


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