Want to play like Stephen Colbert? You must need the best melodica along with your desire. Today, we are announcing 7 top professional melodicas for 2018 with all the factors to check before buying one.

For those people who love making their music, having the best melodica will help you improve your skills. This is fun and easy to learn instruments designed with keys like that of a piano. Playing a melodica is easy, you just press the keys and blow air through the mouthpiece that fits into a hole inside the instrument, and this produces sound.

Now that you want to learn, how do you begin purchasing the best melodica? How will you determine which is the right product for you? To provide you with a helping hand, I have laid down top rated melodicas on this site

These are high-quality musical instruments that are perfect for learning, playing or for bands. Check out their individual reviews as well as buying the guide to help you settle for the right product.

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Best Melodica Reviews 2018

Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica Black

Are you a music beginner student looking for an incredible melodic to help you train? You can try the Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica which is specially designed for people who want to get their way into playing melodic.

The instrument is fun and easy to play, and it will also be a perfect choice for experienced players as well. You will be amazed at its quality sound. Regardless of the music you want to play, this instrument gives a unique and captivating sound.

It has a mouthpiece extension hose and 32 piano-style keys. The melodic starts on F below middle C and both instructors and students can use it. The melodic produces single notes and chords, and it is also compact and lightweight giving you the chance to take with you wherever you want.Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica Black


  • Padded zippered case- For easy transportation, the melodic comes with a convenient carry case.
  • Affordable- This melodica comes at a pocket-friendly price to suit beginners. It is also great for experienced players and instructors. It is one of the best melodica for the money.
  • Easy and fun to learn- The 32 keys melodica is very easy and fun to learn for both students and instructors.
  • Quality sound-It doesn’t matter what your music is; the melodica will always provide you with a very captivating sound.
  • Color options- The melodica is available in three different colors which include black, blue and red.


  • Notes out of tune- Some of the notes can be slightly out of tune, and you need to use an electronic tuner to notice it.

Swan 37 Key Piano Style Melodica

Learning how to play different melodies is a fun practice. If you love trying out a wide range of musical instruments, then you need to try the Swan 37 Key Piano Style Melodica. Not only is this melodica easy and fun to play but it also comes at a great price.

It has 37 piano-like keys that give you the chance to stitch together a melody. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it pretty easy to handle when you are playing. This instrument will work well for any player above three years.

If you are a seasoned or a beginner player, you will love playing this harmonica. It features three octave starts at F below middle C then through F again.

For easy maintenance, it comes with a carrying case. You should always keep it in its carrying case when it is not in use. Other things that are included are an extension hose and a mouthpiece.Swan 37 Key Piano Style Melodica


  • Easy maintenance- The instrument comes with a cleaning cloth and a carrying case that helps you maintain it well.
  • Easy handling- Whether you are new to melodicas or an experienced player, you will find it easy to use the instrument. Its ergonomic design promotes ease of handling.
  • Playing modes- It provides two playing modes for standing performance and sitting performance.
  • Multipurpose instrument- This instrument can be used in different ways such as music teaching, music learning and music playing.
  • Wider keys- Being a 37 key melodica, it is relatively wider than 32 key instruments.


  • No negative review from the users of this instrument

D’Luca M37-BK 37 Key Melodica

I have a musically talented daughter who plays guitar, piano, and violin. I decided to buy her D’Luca M37-BK 37 Key Melodica, and she loves it. Every time she blows into the mouthpiece, this instrument produces a real sound like that of a piano.

If you have a kid who loves to create music, you can surprise them one day with this instrument, and I know they will love it. Not only is the melodica perfect for learners but advanced players can also use it.

It has 37 keys that resemble a piano, and it sounds great too. If you attend piano classes, carrying this instrument wherever you want is very easy. It has a zipper carrying case that helps you carry it with ease.D'Luca M37-BK 37 Key Melodica


  • Available in different colors- You can get the instrument in black, red or blue depending on what you love.
  • Zipper carrying case- Carrying this melodica is easy wherever you want to take it with you. Its convenient carrying case allows you to carry it safely.
  • Suits all players- It doesn’t matter your level of playing, this melodica suits both beginners and advanced players.
  • Other accessories included- it comes with a mouthpiece and an extension hose.


  • Problem with notes- Some of the notes need more pressure to sound effectively.

Blue 32 Key Portable Melodica

If you have a passion for playing piano, you can start by learning how to create music with a melodica. One such great instrument that you can try is the Blue 32 Key Portable Melodica.

The instrument has 32 keys similar to those of a piano, and it is very easy to play and learn. It is perfect for starters who want to train how to create some quality music. In our opinion it is one of the best melodica for the beginners as well as pros.

Handling this instrument is very easy. It has a short mouthpiece, and you can hold it with one hand while playing with the other hand. The long bendy straw mouthpiece also allows you to settle the melodica on a table and then play it like a small keyboard.

Storing and carrying the instrument is much simply because it comes with a bag. It also has a quality craftsmanship that makes the instrument very durable.Blue 32 Key Portable Melodica


  • Suits beginners- The 32 keys melodica is user-friendly and very easy to play hence making it perfect for beginners.
  • Perfectly in tune with other instruments- Can be combined as a solo and orchestral wind instrument. It also blends well with other musical instruments.
  • Short mouthpiece- The instrument is designed with a short mouthpiece so you can hold it with one hand while playing with the other.
  • Storage and carrying- You will get a convenient bag that you can use to carry or store the melodica.
  • Durability- The instrument is made of a high-quality plastic material that gives it a longer life.


  • Poor quality bag- This bag is not the best quality. It is very thin and poorly made, and it looks like it can rip off and accidentally cause damages on the instrument.

Andoer 32 Piano Keys Melodica Musical Instrument

Are you wondering which is the perfect gift to give to a music lover? You can surprise them with the Andoer 32 Piano Keys Melodica. This is a nice 32 piano-style keys that help players learn and play with ease.

The unit comes in a package with everything that you need to get started. You get the melodica, one short mouthpiece, one long mouthpiece and a carrying bag that helps you store and carry the instrument with ease.

The short mouthpiece helps you hold the instrument with one hand while using the other hand to play. You can also use the long mouthpiece when you need to use the instrument on the table like a small keyboard.

The instrument exhibits quality craftsmanship so you can be sure that you are purchasing a durable product and getting value for your money.Andoer 32 Piano Keys Melodica Musical Instrument


  • Color options- You can either choose between blue or pink depending on your favorite color.
  • Lightweight- The instrument has a total weight of 18.5oz, and this makes it very lightweight and portable. The presence of a carrying bag also helps you carry it without any hassles.
  • Easy to use- The melodica can be used by players of all skill levels. It has 32 keys that are easy to play and learn.
  • The long lasting-The instrument is designed with high-quality craftsmanship that guarantees you with a longer life.


  • Broken keys- Customers complain receiving the melodica with some broken keys.


Woodnote Beautiful Black 37 Key Melodica

Purchasing the right musical instruments greatly helps you get the best experience. Even if you have used other instruments, it is great if you try the Woodnote Beautiful Black 37 Key Melodica. This is a nice instrument that is highly recommended by most teachers and school teachers.

The melodica provides you with a nice tone, and it is very easy to play. If you are looking forward to learning and playing with ease, consider this instrument as a great purchase.

It has 37 high-quality keys. These plastic shell keys have an outstanding response, and you will love the quality of sound produced. Other quality features of this instrument include the flexi-tube and straight mouthpiece, carrying case and the extra free woodnote soprano recorder.Woodnote Beautiful Black 37 Key Melodica


  • Pocket-friendly- The instrument has a good range and tonality considering its cheap price.
  • Look good- The melodica looks great and it comes with a nice case and a free recorder.
  • Build quality- As compared to other instruments that I have used, this one has the best build quality hence giving you a long-lasting performance.
  • Fun and easy to play- The instrument has a great tone, and it gives you with a nice experience when playing.


  • Complaints of the instrument being out of tone hence difficult to use to play music.

Hohner 32F 32-Key Piano-Style Fire Melodica

When it comes to musical instruments, the amount of money that you pay determines the quality and performance you will get. If you spend a little higher, then you can b sure that the instrument you are buying will meet your needs.

If you love creating music, you will fall in love with the Hohner 32F 32-Key Piano-Style Fire Melodica. This is a fascinating instrument that is easy to learn and very powerful.

You can play it just like a piano, and the good thing is that it is easy to take it wherever you want because it is compact and lightweight. It produces single notes, and it is also a solo and orchestral instrument that blends well with other musical instruments.

This instrument is also known for its unique and captivating sound that keeps you wanting more. It doesn’t matter the music that you like, and you will always love using this instrument.Hohner 32F 32-Key Piano-Style Fire Melodica


  • Easy Transportation- Whether you attend piano classes or simply want to take your instrument with you, it is compact and lightweight for portability.
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals- The 32 keys instrument is designed to meet the playing needs of beginners and experienced players.
  • Nice colors- The first thing that will impress you when you receive the instrument is the combination of the red and black colors which makes it look amazing.
  • Other things included- apart from the instrument, you will also get a deluxe carrying case, mouthpiece, and instructions.


  • There are no much complaints about the instrument only that some customers say that some chords do not play clearly.

How To Choose The Best Melodica For The Money

If you are not familiar with melodicas and want to buy your first one, it can be difficult to look for the best melodica. There are different products to choose from, and this can make it overwhelming. To make your work simpler, I have discussed some of the best things that you should consider when purchasing the best melodica.


First, you need to determine how you will use the melodica. Do you want an instrument for learning music, playing for fun or just for a hobby? For instance, if you are buying a melodica for fun quality of the melodica should not bother you too much, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore it either.

Reputable Brand

I know you do not want to have an instrument that will disappoint you. It is great if you look for a melodica from a reputable brand. Do not settle for the cheap quality instruments that you will regret buying for the rest of your life.

Type Of Melodica/Voice Ranges

You should also know that there are many melodicas that are available on the market. The five basic types that you will find include alto, tenor, soprano, bass, and accordion. You need to weigh your options and pick the right type of melodica that you need depending on what you like.

Keyboard Action

How do the keys respond when you press them down? If you buy a cheaper instrument, you will notice that the keys are lighter and have inconsistent feel across the keyboard. In high-quality instruments, they have a weightier and more solid feel when you press all the keys.

Other Considerations

  • The construction
  • Size and octaves
  • Sound
  • Weight and durability
  • Tuning
  • Breath and action
  • Cleaning

Final Words

Even if you are a first timer, buying the best melodica will not be difficult if you go through our reviews and guides. My team and I have only tackled the best melodicas to help you make a wise decision when you are buying. It doesn’t matter how you intend to use your instrument, and you can always trust the above melodicas reviewed above.

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