The saxophone has been in existence since the 1840’s. Because of its versatility, it has become a choice instrument for jazz musicians, bands, and even solo performances. But how much do you know about the best tenor saxophone?

  • The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax who registered it in 1846.
  • The clarinet was the most popular instrument at the time that the sax was initially introduced and it was significantly resisted by musicians.
  • Though usually thought to be a jazz instrument it has also been used with Symphonic music over the years
  • The saxophone has eight different sizes
  • The four members of the sax family commonly used today are the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and with the most popular being the Alto and Tenor
  • The saxophone though related to the Clarinet is easier to plat because it’s fingering of the lower and higher octaves is same. The clarinet has different fingering for high and low octaves.

You now know a bit about the saxophone, and it is time to look at the best tenor saxophone reviews on the market.

6 Best Tenor Saxophone 2018

Mendini by Cecilio MTS-L+92D Gold Tenor Saxophone

This one of a kind saxophone is handsomely crafted and is undoubtedly the envy of other saxophones. Not only because it is it durably made, but also because it is finished with a beautiful Gold Brass color. For the intermediate player, this is a keeper.

What we liked most

Now, what is there that is not to love about this beautiful sax? Ribbed in construction, it comes with a hefty bore. Also, the unique saxophone comes with high-quality leather pads which have boosters for the tone. The Stainless steel tone boosters and springs ensure that the saxophone will last you many musical adventures without rusting. The mechanisms behind the full-bodied sound of the MTS-L+92D Gold Lacquer B Flat Tenor. Saxophone, make the Mendini among the best tenor saxophone brands.

The saxophone has a range of keys, Bb with F# keys. For protection, the sax comes with a durable hard-shell case which can be carried as a backpack. The case has a pocket which can be zipped up to give you extra storage. Also, a neck strap for further security as you play your sax is provided. A bonus mouthpiece with its reed cap and box of ten 2.5″ reeds, Cecilio 92-D chromatic/string tuner with a metronome is availed for your playing pleasure. For those who love their saxophones spotless, a pair of white gloves has been provided for you.

What we didn’t like

Some reviewers expressed lack of satisfaction with the lower keys registry that they said was not working well.

Jean-Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone

This is the best tenor saxophone for beginners and intermediate players. Beautifully made with a brass body, it also boasts of durability and tapered body for ease of use. It is the perfect selection for any aspiring beginners and intermediate saxophone players.

What we liked most

There is a lot to like about this saxophone. Its shape has a bell supported body goes a long way in enhancing durability. Power forged keys that come in the Bb key provide just the right notes to make music in your ears. Its superior tone, which allows a low key action, along with its pivoted body which aligns with the natural body stance makes it easy to play. Its easy playability makes it the perfect instrument for the aspiring musicians who want to be successful.

The narrowing pivot keys which are power forged additionally enhance its playability. That is why this particular saxophone is rated among the best beginner and intermediate players. When it comes to looks, this saxophone is a stunner as its yellow-toned brass with a perfectly lacquered finish is a wonder to look at. The sax comes with a perfectly contoured case that can be carried by hand or as a backpack to keep your baby safe, and also comes with other accessories including a mouthpiece, a set of professional Rico reeds and a ligature cap, a pair of gloves to keep your sax spotless and cork grease.

What we didn’t like

The saxophone seems to have its keys improperly aligned leading to too flat and too sharp notes.

Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Lacquered

Are you looking for a premium quality sax at an affordable price? Then look no further, the Yamaha YTS-62III is the best tenor sax, there is. Favorite among band players for decades it is a saxophone for the intermediate and accomplished players because of its playability and rich, superior sound.

What we liked most

The things that we liked most about this exemplary instrument are first, its extraordinary long history. This sax has been popular among professional players since 1969. It has proven that it is a durable, reliable piece of equipment. This particular product has been able to maintain its superiority despite the changing times and stiff completion. Rated among the best tenor saxophone brands, this instrument is also a bargain when it comes to price. It is a must-have for any serious saxophonist.

This professional saxophone has a beautifully crafted design with a perfectly lacquered finishing and finely detailed engravings. Its design, with a narrow bore, provides a quicker response and allows maximum control as you make music. This is because the modern style neck that the saxophone has been built allows better airflow for the saxophonist. With an enhanced connection between the low B and C#, the saxophone enables for better variation and more precise response. It also comes with a stylish carrying case that can be carried like a backpack for ease of transport.

What we didn’t like

Some users complained that the carrying case which is semi-hard isn’t as sturdy as others in the market.

Crystalcello CWD420 B Flat Lacquer Plated Tenor Saxophone

This B flat saxophone is a favorite for beginners who might not yet be able to navigate between different key intonations. Beautiful in design and easy to ply it is an important acquisition for any aspiring saxophonist.

What we liked most

The perfectly lacquered saxophone makes it a very easy on the eyes, beautiful addition to your collection. It is a B flat sax which makes it easy to learn the equipment for beginners. The saxophone also comes well accessorized. It comes with a hard shell case to protect your sax from external damages. To keep the sax safe while inside its case, the interior of the carrying case is lined with a soft velvet material. The saxophone also comes with a soft cleaning cloth for easy cleaning of your sax. A pair of gloves is provided to ensure that you maintain a smudge-free saxophone. A screwdriver and a nipper are availed for the saxophone maintenance.

What we didn’t like

The low key scales seem not to be working well.

Legacy TR750 Intermediate Trumpet

The intermediate and professionals who like to dabble in saxophone playing may opt to use this excellent quality sax because of its excellent intonation build and tone. It is the most common saxophone among students because of its smooth playability and great sound.

What we liked most

This one of a kind saxophone made by one of the world’s best brands is built to last. Made of high-quality brass nickel keys, and a silver plated mouthpiece the sax is sure to last you many years of quality music. Its body made of yellow hued brass and lacquer makes it a beautiful and warm sounding instrument with superior tone. A bell brace of 5″ diameter, tempered springs made of high-quality steel, tapered pivot screws, blue steel needle springs and leather pads with resonators all further testify to its quality and resilience. The uniquely crafted saxophone has spatulas and sculptured pearls which increase comfort and playability.

It has a range of keys and can be adjusted from F, G# through to low C#. It also has felt bumpers that can be easily adapted to low Bb, B, C, and D#. These in combination, make a saxophone with not only high-quality tone but superior on tone with excellent intonation making it the best tenor sax for intermediate players. The saxophone comes with a canvas bag which can be carried as a sling bag or a backpack, valve oil, a silver plated mouthpiece, reed ligature and a neck strap among its accessories.

What we didn’t like

Some reviewers expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the valve is of substandard quality and it cannot be repaired.

Mendini by Cecilio MTS-30L+92D Advanced B Flat Tenor Saxophone

When it comes to the best tenor saxophone, then the Mendini MTS-30L+92D is the sax to talk about. The Sax is beautifully designed, and has a range of key intonations and is fully accessorized.

What we liked most

We liked this saxophone because of its gold color lacquered body which is not only durable but also pleasing to the eyes. As for intonations, its wide range of key tones from Bb with high F# is made possible by the contoured keys along with the faux pearls inlays make the sound as beautiful as it looks. Its construction which is ribbed and has a large bore, along with stainless steel tone boosters makes this one of a kind sax a full-bodied and extremely durable instrument.

The saxophone comes accessorized with a long-lasting hardshell case with a pocket which can be secured by zipping it up. This gives you extra storage for your accessories. To make transportation more accessible, the case can easily be carried as a backpack. A neck strap will provide you with the extra security that you need as you play and is a convenient way to keep your sax as you take a breather. A box of 2.5″ reeds, a mouthpiece and a cleaning cloth and a pair of gloves to keep your saxophone spotless are also provided. A one-year limited warranty is availed to show how confident Mendini is about its product quality.

What we didn’t like

Some of the customers complained that the saxophone was leaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

best Tenor Saxophone

Q: What type of reed should I buy as a beginner?

A: For beginners, two main reed types will get you on the move faster. These are the Rico 2 strength reeds or the Rico Royal 2 strength reed. It is advisable to buy at least three reeds at a time because it is highly likely that you will need them.

Q: Which is the best mouthpiece for beginners?

A: For novices and intermediate, the best mouthpiece is the standard size. Though the size of a tenor Sax differs as a slightly bigger tip is recommended. However, once you find your way, you may try out other mouthpiece sizes to find the one that best works for you.

Q: Why does my saxophone give a squeaky sound?

A: The squeaky sound sometimes referred to as chirping usually occurs due to two main reasons. The first is either you have a damaged reed or a poor quality reed. This is because reeds are inconsistent because they are made of natural material. That is why it is recommended to buy multiple reeds at a time to avoid disappointment. The squeaking can also be caused by a damaged mouthpiece. The main problem being that the rails may not be symmetrical. Another less common reason is a bad embouchure.

Final Words

Since the inception of the first sax, the manufacturing styles have evolved over the years with changes in bell shapes, radius, and neck shapes through the primary structure of the sax remains static. Also, as technology advances more saxes with removable easy to clean parts are showing up in the market. These changes also come with better playability and tones. So when it comes down to the selection of the best tenor saxophone, it is essential to select an instrument that you will be most comfortable with and one which meets your needs. As for choice, look no further as we have chosen the best only for you.


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