Are you part of or do you have your own band? Maybe you had a wonderful performance on stage with your amazing band. The audience was on their feet, cheering all through.  What if they don’t know who you were? What if they’ve forgotten the name of your band?

The excellent performance on stage would be absolutely pointless if the crowd does not know who you are. What could be done to help the audience remember your band name? One of the best possible solutions would be to customize the bass drum head. With a custom bass drum head, it’s highly unlikely that the audience would ever forget your band name.

It’s like having your own billboard on the stage with the logo, customized artwork and the name of your band. From decals, overlays or stickers to printing on the bass drum head directly by using the best available technology, you can opt for different ways to customize your bass drum head.

You need not be part of a band; you could be the proud owner of a drum set who wishes to have your own custom bass drum head.

Customizing your bass drum head is a way of showing people your uniqueness. It could be your name, a logo, a favorite quote or a picture you could customize it with the help of professionals.

Professionals who actually play the drums and understand the instrument come up with the best results while customizing it.  Your custom head will not only look good but also sound perfect as well. Yes, the brand identity is important as well.

What are the different ways of doing it?

Creating your own image

You could create your own logo and artwork, select the fonts for your name or your band’s name and format it before approaching a professional to customize it on to your bass drum head. This is one way to cut down the cost.

Selecting images uploaded by the company

Most of the companies who customize bass drum heads have their catalogs online and you have the option to choose from thousands of images. Once you have decided on the artwork you can add in the fonts and your logo. If you are confused about the logo you could always seek professional help.

Professional help

You could set up a meeting with the designers who could give you insights into how your artwork and logo design could be. Your idea, taste, and expectations combined with their knowledge and expertise could help you create a unique image that describes you or your band.

The apt bass drum head

To create a unique drum head that catches attention you can choose from different finish options. The commonly used ones are matt and gloss. So as to get a drum head with a shine, opt for the gloss finish and if you are not fond of a shiny finish it’s best to go with the matte finish.

Planning to customize your drum head? Click on Custom Bass Drum Head for more insights. Don’t forget to check our musical instrument reviews before you buy one. If you have any query, please drop us a line.

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