I am not only a music freak but also a movie freak. I also watch many TV series. However, last week I was watching one of the famous vampire related TV series The Originals. At the end of final episode, suddenly a line hit into my ear ‘In the eyes of a saint I am a Stanger!’ the way the singer was singing the song I can’t stop myself from listening! Over the week, I listened this song repeatedly.

Still, I am listening this song. I thought I should share this song with you guys. Hope, you will enjoy it as well.

The title of this song is Grace sung by Rag’n’Bone Man. It is the eight track of the album ‘Human.’ This song was premiered by British GQ magazine as the second of four buzz singles.

Rag’n’Bone Man is known as Rory Charles Graham to his friends. He is one of the talented singer and songwriter. He was born in 29 January 1985 in England. Human was his first hit single that released in 2016. He received the critics’ choice Award and named British Breakthrough in the Brit Awards 2017.

All of the tracks in the Album Human are good and meaningful. But the Grace is the one that creates tornado in my mind. The Song Starts with this:

Said I loved you without hesitation
So easy for you to break my foolish heart
Now I wonder if you ever speak my name
Will I always be defined by my mistakes?

I loved you and believed you without any perplexity. But alas! You broke my heart. It makes me feel that I am a fool. Now I am thinking if you ever think about me, will you identify me by my mistakes. Will you forget everything I did for you and my love? That’s the meaning of verse one.

In the eyes of a saint I’m a stranger
We’re all trying to find a way
At the death of every darkness there’s a morning
Though we all try
We all try
We’re all one step from grace

Yet in the chorus part, it said that, according to the opinion of a holy person, I am a newborn baby. Here stranger refers to a newborn baby who doesn’t have any fault and mistakes. To the eyes of a holy man, we all are stranger with all of our mistakes. We all are trying to get away.

Therefore, it also reminds us that darkness is not permanent. Here darkness refers to bad time. And after dark night there is a shimmering morning. That means bad time will end soon and happiness will surely come. Happiness and Sadness is correlated to each other. Without one the one is meaningless.

I mean how can you realize true happiness without sorrow? It is universal that neither happiness nor sadness is permanent. It is a cycle. And over time both happiness and sadness will meet you. You have to be prepared for everything.

In verse two, it refers the reflection of human being. Sometimes, in life people think that he or she had enough. It is over and he or she can’t fight anymore. But that was the biggest misconception of humans. Everyone has a dragon inside him or her! Every single person has potential beyond his or her imagination level. And when the time comes they have to learn their strength and fight back.

Everything can be resolved if you wait with enough strength and courage! Bad time will come, you will fall and broken piece by piece. Don’t you panic! Just keep calm and show the life a middle finger! And believe me time will wash away all your pains.

I made myself believe
There was no fight left in me
But redemption doesn’t fall down at your feet
In the half life
Rains the hand to my defeat
And I watched the walls fall
And I rebuilt them piece by piece

In the bridge part, the author questioned himself and her about the love they have given up. It was always near them. Why did they give up? The life can be beautiful with a little patience and compromise. But why didn’t they try! The author said both of them had suffered enough pain and they are one-step away from grace.  Yet, they are suffering. It is ego that makes them suffer. Without ego, the life can be more beautiful. We all should try not to destroy our relationships just because of our stubborn egoistic character.

In the Eyes of a Saint I am a Stranger

Human is not the fairy. Therefore, they will commit mistakes now and often. What is the meaning of love if we give up on them just because of their mistakes? What is the purpose of love if we cannot love them for all of their faults and mistakes? Why did we say I love you where you cannot let the person walk on the right track? Give up on someone isn’t the idea of love. However, try to love with all of your heart and soul. And try not to let him or her leave! It is true love that is rare to grasp.


The broken heart is painful. But it grows up a person either on a negative or in a positive way. It is you, who have to decide where to go. There is a devil and an angel inside us. We have to decide which one is right to feed. However, life is full of uncertainty. You will experience lots of sorrow throughout your life. But never let it eat you.  After the death of every darkness, there is a morning my dear. Fight back and enjoy. We have limited time and we have to live the fullest. That’s all for now!

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Stay Musical!

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